What is a Plant Stash?

A plant stash is the capsule wardrobe of food.

Think about a capsule wardrobe. The idea that 30 key pieces can create 300 different outfits, as the pieces are carefully selected to be complementary and combine to make magic. That’s exactly what a plant stash does to your menu, only in this case 30 elements can create over 1000 different recipes.

In the same way that a capsule wardrobe is built on pants, skirts, tops, jackets, sweaters and accessories, a plant stash is built on grains & carbs, vegetables, proteins and sauces. Each building block is pre-prepared and stored in your freezer so that it can be ready at a moment’s notice.

I’ve spent a good couple of years refining these building blocks to get to a point where every recipe is delicious, and the selection of different flavour profiles and textures maximises your meal options.  So, without further ado – here they are…


With all of these items stored as single serves in your freezer, the combinations are endless. Even more so when you ensure that you have regular, easy-to-prepare pantry and fridge staples such as salad vegetables and pasta.

Living life with a plant stash makes your life better in a multitude of ways:

  • MAX NUTRITION: Flash freezing means no loss of nutrients over time
  • NO JUNK: Flash freezing also means there’s no need to use preservatives or salt to prevent the food from deteriorating, so the only ingredients are pure plants
  • NO WASTAGE: Freezing each building block in individual serves means you have the flexibility to cook for any number of people without throwing away any excess. Great for both the environment and your bank account
  • TIME SAVER: Using your plant stash, you can create an exciting meal that would normally take >60 minutes in less than 10 minutes
  • SPONTANEITY: You don’t have to plan your meals for the week and go shopping for ingredients, and then be forced to eat something that you don’t really feel like on the day. If you thought you’d have Vietnamese on Wednesday but the day comes around and you feel like Italian – no issue!
  • VARIETY: You don’t end up eating the same few things over and over, as by breaking a meal down to its building blocks you can make tonnes of combinations that look and taste different
  • FRESH + FROZEN: Unlike traditional freezer meals, a plant stash is designed to work with things in your fridge, pantry and fruit bowl. You can create a whole meal using only your plant stash, or just use a stash sauce on a fresh salad, and everything in between. It expands your options rather than limiting them

At the end of the day, the flexibility of a plant stash is what makes it such a hero.

You could arrive home late from work on a Tuesday night, tired and craving Mexican food. In less than 10 minutes, you have a masterpiece of a Mexican bowl in your lap – black bean chili with wilted greens, guacamole and cauliflower rice. All you have to do is defrost 3 things, mash some avo and chop up a tomato. And more to the point – it’s all so healthy and free from any nasties that you don’t have to worry about anything. Fast food doesn’t have to mean bad-for-you-food… at least, not anymore.

That, friends, is the plant stash.